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Behavior Drives Performance

Executive search, staffing and recruiting firms, coaches and consultants, HR professionals, investors, team-builders, and business owners—elevate your game with CollabGenius. Combine bespoke people intelligence with collaboration using our award-winning behavioral talent assessment and scientific team-building strategy. CollabGenius is your all-in-one solution to beat the competition.

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CollabGenius Combining People Intelligence with Collaboration Strategy

Achieve unmatched performance and growth using mission-critical information
and a behavioral science-driven team-building strategy.

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Beyond a Guess

CollabGenius is a flashlight illuminating behavior. It helps us untangle why things happen by pinpointing the different Roles people play and how they interact.

This clarity guides us in making informed decisions based on observations, rather than guesses or vague ideas.

  • Scientific approach to understanding team dynamics
  • Instead of relying on outdated ideas (unscientific explanations), Role assessment uses scientific methods to analyze how people see themselves as team members, interact, and contribute.
  • Avoids pigeonholing people based on personality or impressions
  • Acknowledges the multifaceted nature of human behavior.
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Don't Take Our Word For It
Here's What Our Customers Say

"Opusuna's report transformed my understanding of teamwork, empowering me to excel as a team player. If you enjoy and value teamwork, this is the tool needed to take you and your team to the next level." Latasha D. McCullar, CSM, CHIEF, VP Operations

"Opusuna is an amazing tool for coaching and consulting that gives in-depth, objective insight into how people work on a team. I love it for hiring and building a team and coaching individuals and leaders."
Lynn Henderson, Business Consultant and Coach

"Amazingly efficient and accurate comes to mind when I think about Opusuna talent and team-building assessment results."
Ashley Elliott-Fleming, Director of People & Culture

Better Data, Better Perspective, Better Outcomes

Opusuna helps you get deep insights for every person and every team quickly and accurately. You can assemble teams that produce outstanding results. With our technology, you can figure out how:

  • Predict and Personalize Teamwork
    Objectively and Efficiently
  • Make Better Decisions and Reduce Risks
  • Coach and Develop Team Members - All Levels
  • Assess Team dynamics and Team
  • Align Teams with Strategy and Goals
  • Attract and Acquire In-Demand Talent
Lady wearing a pink jacket and glasses smiling
Team Players
Lady with purple jacket smiling
Reduce Stress
Lady with a black and white shirt smiling
Know How
People Add Value
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Match People’s Role with the Job
Lady wearing a pink jacket and glasses smiling
How to best utilize talent in a team
Lady with purple jacket smiling
How people handle stress
Lady with a black and white shirt smiling
How people add value to teams
Man with black shirt and glasses smiling - Mobile
How people achieve common goals
A chart showing High performance zones regarding the 10 different Roles

Why People's Role-fit Matters

Role-fit matters because by prioritizing it, you can choose the best person for the job, aligning their Role with the job requirements and the team's mission.

This ensures each team member is engaged, productive, and can contribute effectively to the team’s success.

Explore the key principles below:

  • Role-fit ensures every individual's Role aligns with job responsibilities and complements others'
  • Selecting people based on team Roles to the mission and objectives enhances individual and team effectiveness.
  • With Role-fit, organizations optimize people teams for success, driving towards collective goals with unparalleled cohesion and efficiency.

Don't Leave Relationships to Chance

Leaving working relationships to chance can spell trouble for your business. The repercussions of ineffective collaboration are significant, costly, and unpredictable.

With CollabGenius, you take control. Our assessment and platform offer a strategic advantage, helping you navigate the complexities of collaboration with confidence.

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The Vital 10 Roles for Building
High-Performing Teams

Interviews & Personality Assessments Obsolete? CollabGenius Predicts Success
Founder Role Profile Image
Envisions the Future
Vision Mover profile image
Vision Mover
Vision to Strategy
action former profile image
Action Former
Drives Plan Execution
watchdog role profile image
Agile Resourcing
conductor role profile image
Prevents & Corrects
communicator role profile image
Connects & Informs
vision former profile image
Vision Former
Architects Winning Plans
action mover profile image
Action Mover
Gets Things Done
explorer role profile image
Forges Future Opportunities
curator role profile image
Stewards of Knowledge
Four team members standing standing representing community unity

Beyond Personas: CollabGenius Reveals How People Truly Collaborate

Understanding performance demands insight beyond conventional assessments, personality judgements and interviews. Only CollabGenius provides invaluable insights information about how people respond to the demands of teamwork, especially under stress. It tells you what to expect when working with someone.

Key Benefits of Using CollabGenius:

  • ROI and Elite Performance: By understanding team dynamics, businesses can optimize team composition for success.
  • Data-Driven Recruiting and Reduced Risk: Attract talent that will improve your team by knowing how someone behaves on a team and mitigates risks.
  • Strategic Leadership Development: Identify people with leadership ability and tailor development programs, driving growth and preparing for future challenges.
  • Competitive Advantage: With diverse teams, businesses cultivate an environment conducive to innovation, sustainability and achivement.

Collaboration is
The Superpower of Success!

Don't be fooled by inflated egos, personalities, and individual achievements; identify people capable of collaboration. People who inherently understand the power of cooperation, who can inspire and be inspired, and who value the collective journey toward success.

What our Valued Clients Say

Marci has been instrumental in building our team. Before using CollabGenius we spent countless hours sifting through and interviewing applicants to find the best one. With CollabGenius, not only do we find the best candidates, but it saves us many hours of unnecessary interviews.

Lee Smith


The CollabGenius report is a great tool that can be used to mentor and get the best results out of your teammates. This is the first assessment I have taken that I felt depicted my strengths and weaknesses. If you enjoy and value teamwork this is the tool needed to take you and your team to the next level.

Latasha D. McCullar, CSM, CHIEF

Vice President Operations

"I hired Marci in the capacity of a Business Advisor & Executive Search Consultant. Marci's unique value prop is her understanding and use of CollabGenius assessment and Collaborative Team Structure a new formula for team building and executive search. We integrated CollabGenius for an executive search and recruited top candidates for a critical position on my leadership team. I would recommend Marci in a heartbeat!"

Dr. Andrew Meikle

CEO, The Fertility Partners

CollabGenius is an amazing tool for coaching and consulting that gives in-depth, objective insight into how people work on a team - what they're drawn to do and how they behave with others. I love using it for hiring and building a team and coaching individuals and managers.

Lynn Henderson


"I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Marci since March 2013. Marci introduced me to CollabGenius and proved to me that it is an imperative step in building coherent teams and professional relationships in the workplace. Completing the CollabGenius exercise does take two important things: time and honesty; but the outcome of the exercise is absolutely phenomenal. I learned more about my skills, challenges, and work ethic by completing CollabGenius than I did in all my years of working to date."

Tania Sheridan

Director & Partnership Development

"Marci is an outstanding communicator who always puts the client first. Marci has been a tremendous help in acquiring great talent. She dedicates the time required to make your company a success. She is selfless in her pursuit to find the right person for your company. Marci and her program CollabGenius is truly about teamwork."

Dr. John F.K. Moore

Sr Systems Engineer Architect Principal

"Marci was the Recruitment Strategist, Sr. Recruiter, and Recruitment Team Lead, for the Elections Ontario Technology in the Polls (TiPS) project. I found her recruitment process highly efficient and effective because she leveraged technology. The process was seamless, and I hope Marci's practice is an example to other HR recruiters."

Wendy Quon

IT Project Manager

"We incorporated CollabGenius into our recruitment and team-building process about two years ago and have had tremendous success with it. It saves us time and money by identifying people who will be a good fit for our jobs, teams, and the company culture as a whole. It helps me attract the best talent - a diverse group of people who want to BE part of our team and work with others whose actions are consistent and in alignment with our mission and goals."

Ashley Elliott-Fleming

Recruitment & Talent

"Meeting Marci was a significant milestone in my career! Her superpower is in ensuring a win-win for both stakeholders. Her secret sauce is being able to go beyond what is discernable in interviews alone. With Marci and CollabGenius technology, I save time by being able to focus on the best candidates. I highly recommend this scientific and more modern way of building winning teams."

Yoli Chisholm


"CollabGenius has now become an integral part of my hiring process. I support and encourage anyone to hire the right person to use CollabGenius. I can no longer imagine hiring someone and hoping for the best – I want to know that I have already hired the best, and CollabGenius helps me do this time and time again! I highly recommend this product for both small and large businesses alike."

Mariela Gonzalez

Business Manager

"Marci takes the time to listen to her stakeholders, understands their needs and expectations, and then works tirelessly to ensure she exceeds them. She is a knowledgeable resource in her field and understands the Media and Telecom industry very well. She understands what is required to succeed in this field and what companies are looking for."

Sumeet Khanna

Vice President, Business Transformation & Strategic Initiatives

"I will never create another business without using this tool. Employees in teams like these feel a greater sense of ownership, and want to stick around. Just give it a try one time, one single time. That's all you need to do."

Will Martin

Chief Operations Officer, Cushion Employment Services

"CollabGenius to a company could be the same as IOS to your iPhone. It is an operating system that helps companies put the right people in the right seats on the bus and your off to achieve your goals. If your looking for ROI for your time & business, put your money on Marci. If you are ready to step up to the next level, Marci is your ticket. Marci helps companies operate at the highest level by bringing proven strategies and understanding of advanced high-performance teaming using CollabGenius technology."

Brit Blacklidge

President & CEO

"Marci is a very experienced professional in the recruitment and contingent staffing area and has impressed me with her knowledge and innovative tools for screening candidates to ensure the best fit for an organization. I would not hesitate to turn to Marci and her team for professional recruitments."

Rob Martini

Area Procurement Manager


Hire the best person for the job, team, and organization in 80% less time.

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Why is a good Role fit important for my hiring?

A good Role fit ensures that the candidate's preference for serving team needs, strengths and behavioral tendencies align with the requirements and responsibilities of the position. Role and position alignment increases job satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Why does your Assessment take 45 Minutes?

Our assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of each candidate's teamwork preferences, strengths, and areas for development. The extra time allows for a more thorough analysis, resulting in more accurate and actionable insights.

What makes CollabGenius better than other assessments?

CollabGenius utilizes a Role-based approach focusing on behavior relevant to job performance. This allows for more precise matching of candidates to Roles and provides actionable insights for hiring and development decisions.

I already have my employees complete a personality test. What does CollabGenius add to this?

CollabGenius' Role-based assessment goes beyond personality assessments by providing Qualitative measures and an understanding of teamwork by focusing on team needs to determine how a person will ‘connect’ with others by observing what happens in a team. Personality tests provide Quantitative measures that focus on "parts” of a person and measure traits and attributes and infer what might happen on team.

Is the report user-friendly?

The CollabGenius report is clear, concise, and easy to understand. It presents key insights and recommendations in a user-friendly format and on the TeamVue platform.

Break the Mold: Solve Complex Problems with CollabGenius

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Our business solution is unmatched in the market thanks to our award-winning and impartial Role-based evaluation, combined with our exclusive platform for high-performance recruiting, team building, and coaching—TeamVue.

With Opusuna, you can save time and find the best team players to build better teams, faster. Our platform-as-a-service empowers hiring managers, business owners, recruiters, and leaders to evaluate their current teams and future prospects for optimal team performance.

Provides the vision for the organization
  • Founders, inspire others to follow and initiate various endeavors.
  • They excel in roles requiring innovative leadership and authority.
  • Leverage their ability to think outside the box and drive transformative change within the organization.
  • Be cautious of individuals eager for leadership but lacking consensus or support from others.
Vision Mover
Takes the vision into strategic reality
  • Vision Movers excel in strategic planning and goal achievement.
  • They thrive in directing others to accomplish objectives.
  • Once loyal, they are dedicated to realizing the Founder's vision.
  • They excel in managerial roles and strategic planning, preferring to play a supporting role similar to trusted advisors.
Vision Former
Takes the strategy, evaluates it, and makes it into a concrete plan with high standards
  • Vision Formers are rare and invaluable, evoking both admiration and skepticism due to their genuine concern for others.
  • They prioritize what is best for people, working towards positive outcomes.
  • Highly skilled at evaluating plans and bringing people together for achievement.
  • Valuable in roles involving process monitoring, regulatory compliance, or long-term planning.
Action Mover
Executes Concrete Plans for Success
  • Action Movers are exceptional, always busy and ready to assist with immediate tasks.
  • They excel in short-term goals and thrive in fast-paced environments.
  • Ideal for sales and business development roles, they are effective in quickly completing tasks.
  • Valuable in management, customer service, or relations, they excel in prompt and efficient work.
Action Former
Manages Continuous Plan Implementation and Progress
  • Action Formers excel in organization, effortlessly managing tasks with precision.
  • They prioritize harmony and cooperation among team members, creating a supportive work environment.
  • Ideal for supervisory and administrative roles, they thrive in hands-on management.
  • Well-suited for positions like HR and training, they excel in maintaining order and efficiency.
Anticipates Team Needs and Goes Above and Beyond
  • Explorers uncover opportunities and risks, contributing to growth and protection.
  • They excel in research, finding employees, sources, and opportunities.
  • While preferring solo work, they serve their team's best interests.
  • They are essential for locating treasures like technology, people, investors, and sales leads, vital for entrepreneurial teams.
Gets Resources Where They're Needed, When They're Needed
  • Watchdogs maximize available resources to meet the needs and desires of the organization and team.
  • They excel in financial management and asset distribution, focusing on efficient utilization.
  • Well-suited for protective work and procurement tasks, their detail-oriented approach enhances effectiveness.
  • They thrive in roles requiring consistency, and attention to detail, contributing to efficiency and productivity.
Keeps information flowing in, out and around the company
  • Communicators are universally liked and have a friendly outgoing nature.
  • They excel in customer-facing roles like sales and customer service.
  • Well-suited for professions involving person-to-person interaction.
  • Thrive in jobs where listening and engagement are key.
Proactive Troubleshooter: Preventing Problems and Ensuring Solutions
  • Conductors are driven to fix problems and achieve goals with determination.
  • They excel as troubleshooters, handling technical customer service issues adeptly.
  • Ideal for persuasive roles like lawyers or high-pressure sales positions.
  • Valuable in high-tech jobs and behind-the-scenes work in politics or union organizing.
Repository of the organization’s wisdom and experience
  • Curators possess wisdom and blend into group settings until sought out.
  • They excel in organizing knowledge, suited for roles like librarians or knowledge managers.
  • Skilled at discerning valuable information, they aid in decision-making for information retention.
  • Ideal for preserving institutional memory and organizing vast amounts of data.