Meet the Team Behind CollabGenius
photo of marci schnapp the founder and ceo
Marci Schnapp
Founder & CEO

Marci is a entrepreneur and visionary leader, her CollabGenius Roles are Founder and Vision Mover. With over 20 years of experience in business, consulting, coaching, and executive search, she brings a wealth of expertise to her work. Marci has dedicated the past decade to applying CollabGenius's innovative teamwork theory and bias-free talent assessment. Marci's focus on attracting, retaining, and developing people according to requirements, values, and culture is evident. She excels in identifying and nurturing talents, guiding individuals to ensure the organization's future success.

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shelley lineham profile image
Shelley Lineham
VP Team Performance Coaching

Shelley, serving as VP of Team Performance Coaching, brings her expertise as a change management specialist, adept at navigating transformative shifts within organizations. Her CollabGenius Roles as Vision Mover, Curator, and Conductor reflect her ability to envision strategic realities, safeguard organizational knowledge, and resolve intricate challenges. With over 20 years of experience spanning mergers, acquisitions, integrations, consolidations, and technological revolutions, Shelley is an invaluable asset. She skillfully balances assertiveness and persuasion, excelling as a negotiator in challenging situations. Shelley holds a Masters of Management in Artificial Intelligence, further enriching her capabilities in driving organizational success.

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mitch johnstone profile image
Mitch Jonhstone

Mitch, an AI Strategy Leader, is an CollabGenius Strong Explorer. His expertise lies in anticipating future trends, discovering new opportunities, and pioneering innovative solutions. With a track record of driving transformative change through high-impact AI/ML projects, Mitch brings a unique combination of technical proficiency and strategic acumen to the table. This is evident in his diverse roles, spanning AI product management to entrepreneurial ventures.

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CollabGenius Core Values:

Leadership transcends titles and directions, encompassing the courage to forge a brighter future through investment in state-of-the-art technology.

Service Orientation

Our commitment is to meet and exceed client's needs while fostering a positive atmosphere with clients, candidates, co-workers, and vendors.

Problem Solving

We are dedicated critical thinker’s adept at dissecting complex issues into manageable components. Drawing from a wealth of experience and knowledge, we remain open to insights from diverse perspectives.

Ethical Awareness

Upholding principles of equity and organizational justice is paramount. We adhere to ethical standards in personal and professional conduct, prioritizing fairness, and equity in all endeavors.


Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We actively foster a cooperative, win-win environment characterized by openness, honesty, assertiveness, and mutual support.


We celebrate individual differences and embrace new perspectives, valuing diverse cultural and personal backgrounds. Through understanding and acceptance, we thrive in the culturally rich tapestry of today's workplaces and business landscapes.