Up Your Recruiting game Opusuna

March 9, 2023
Marci Schnapp

As a recruiter, you want to ensure you find, rank, and present the best people for every position and team. But how can you identify rank and present in a competitive and objective manner? CollabGenius® is a game-changer for recruiters; it's an innovative recruitment tool that helps your organization hire the right people for the job and the team.

CollabGenius is not a personality indicator but rather an assessment that measures a person's predisposition to serving specific organizational needs, their positive orientation towards working with others to achieve common goals, and a wide range of other variables that influence team relationships and performance. Here are ten reasons why recruiters should consider using CollabGenius:

1. Accurately pinpoint team gaps: CollabGenius provides insights into team member alignment to the team's mission; this helps identify potential gaps and informs hiring decisions.

2. Get the right people in the right seats fast: With CollabGenius, recruiters can quickly narrow down and rank the best candidates for the job and the team, reducing the time and effort spent on recruitment.

3. Evaluate people equally and objectively: CollabGenius is free of age, gender, and cultural bias, ensuring that recruiters evaluate all candidates equally and objectively.

4. Integrate new leaders and team members seamlessly: CollabGenius can help recruiters work with stakeholders to better integrate new team members by identifying their teamwork characteristics and CollabGenius Role preferences.

5.  Have a strategic and sustainable means of building high-performance teams: With CollabGenius, recruiters can build high-performance teams by selecting individuals with complementary roles and positive teaming characteristics.

6.  Improve overall company performance and workplace satisfaction: By building high-performance teams, companies can improve overall performance and workplace satisfaction.

7.  Reduce risks: CollabGenius provides better information for recruiters, leading to more informed and better business decisions and reducing the risks associated with hiring the wrong person for the job.

8. Identify potential leaders and mentors: CollabGenius can identify individuals with leadership and mentoring potential.

9. Foster diversity and inclusion: CollabGenius can help recruiters foster diversity and inclusion within organizations and for their clients by using a bias-free method to identify the best applicants for the job and team; this organically creates diverse teams.

10. Enhance the candidate experience: Using CollabGenius, recruiters provide a personalized and engaging experience, making candidates feel valued and appreciated and providing them with valuable information that works both ways: if they are fit for the position and should move forward with the recruiting process, or if they are not.

CollabGenius provides recruiters with valuable insights into a candidate's Role preference or preferences (some people can fill more than one Role), teaming characteristics, and orientation toward working with others. Using Opusuna, recruiters add value to their organizations by helping build high-performance teams, reduce risks, and improve overall company performance and workplace satisfaction.

By incorporating CollabGenius into the recruiting process, CollabGenius's cutting-edge method is designed to assist recruiters in finding the perfect candidates for their specific job openings and will help create successful teams. The benefits of incorporating CollabGenius extend beyond just finding the right person. It allows recruiters to understand team dynamics and make informed decisions.

With CollabGenius, recruiters can ensure that the right person is in the right seat, which impacts team productivity and overall success. In addition, CollabGenius allows recruiters to support candidates in their career aspirations, helping them find a position that aligns with their skills and interests.

Incorporating CollabGenius into the recruiting process adds value to clients and candidates while also giving recruiters a competitive advantage and an effective way to improve their processes. With CollabGenius, recruiters succeed in their recruiting efforts while supporting clients and candidates in achieving their goals.