Are you tired of hiring and selection processes riddled with bias and stereotypes? ❌

May 16, 2024
Marci Schnapp

Outdated assessments, theories, and endless interviews are expensive, time-consuming, and lead us in the wrong direction.

Still trying to figure out what to do about it. CollabGenius is a paradigm shift, transitioning from a model of subjective 'individual performance' to an enlightened, data-driven model of objective team performance.✨

CollabGenius can help by eliminating the limitations of current hiring and selection processes and offering a better approach to assessing ourselves and others, as well as collaboration and teamwork.

We empower individuals and organizations alike because all of our endeavours require collaboration and teamwork, formal or informal, and the better we understand ourselves and others, the better our outcomes will be.

CollabGenius's People Intelligence Engine is bias-free and built on a foundation of 25 years of research by a team of behavioral scientists, a decade of cutting-edge software development, and over ten years of implementation.

CollabGenius uses ten carefully curated movie scenes. Participants become the stars, and our technology analyzes choices and decision-making to depict and organize how people collaborate and contribute. ️

Building and becoming a member of high-performing teams is the only way to have a competitive advantage.

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